TypeClassAssessment Ratio
Real Property    
  Residential 0.115
  Agricultural Land 0.3
  Vacant Land 0.12
  Non-Profit 0.12
  Public Utility 0.33
  Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural Improvements 0.25
  Other Real Property 0.3
Personal Property    
  Mobile Homes 0.115
  Mineral Leaseholds 0.30/0.25
  Utility Personal Property (Except Railroads) 0.3
  Motor Vehicles 0.3
  Commercial and Industrial Materials and Equipment 0.25
  Other Personal 0.3



Real Estate

By definition, real estate is land and anything permanently affixed to it, including buildings.

The County Appraiser is responsible for discovering, listing, and valuing all property within Stanton County and must follow laws when meeting these responsibilities.

The first step in the appraisal process is to gather information concerning ownership, location, type of use, sales, building measurements, construction type, construction costs, and rental income.

Primary sources for this information are real property deeds, subdivision maps, building permits, local building contractors and office personnel who conduct on-site inspections to gather building contractors and interview owners. This information is stored by the County Appraiser, updated and maintained for current and future accepted appraisal process.

Each year the appraiser must review recent real estate sales and consider local economic conditions in order to maintain the most current value of property in the county. 

Oil & Gas

The lease operator/taxpayer/tax representative is required to provide the information requested in Sections I-IV of the prescribed oil or gas rendition form and all other information necessary to figure the valuation of the property as determined by the Director of Property Valuation.

Failure to file a rendition on or before April 1 will result in penalties assessed to the operator.

The Prescribed Oil & Gas Rendition forms and Guide can be downloaded from the link below: Kansas Department of Revenue - Oil & Gas Forms and Information